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Is stainless steel with magnetic?

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As usual, customers will take a small magnet when checking the stainless steel. From their point, if attractive, will be not good kind stainless steel. Otherwise, belong to good stainless steel, not easy to rust. However, that is not correct. Stainless steel with magnetic structure or not is determined by the organization. In the process of solidification of molten steel due to the solidification of the different temperatures will form a "ferrite" "austenite" "martensite" and other different organizational structures of stainless steel. And “ferrite” “martensite” are all stainless steel that with magnetic structure. The "austenitic" stainless steel its mechanical properties, processability solderability are good, but only from the corrosion resistance with magnetic "ferritic" stainless steel stronger than the "austenitic" stainless steel.


        At present, the so-called 200 series and 300 series stainless steel with high manganese content and little nickel contained in the market are not magnetic, but their performance is greatly different from that of high nickel 304. Instead, 304 is drawn, annealed, polished, cast, etc. Process will be microstrip magnetic, so stainless steel with no magnetic to determine the pros and cons of stainless steel is a misunderstanding and unscientific.